The first time I went to the cemetery after losing Dad, there was a wild hare sitting at his grave. As it stared at me with dark velvety eyes, I could hear Dad’s voice saying “do what you love, Linda.” I’d always smile when he said that. Assure him I am.

For years, I’ve been helping people chase their dreams. I’m proud of the work I do.

But still. I’d stopped creating anything other than websites and marketing materials years ago.

The next morning there was a wild hare sitting outside my window. As I sipped my coffee, I could swear the scoundrel was staring at the magazines on my desk. Photography, art, hand lettering, sculpting. So I bought the DSLR and the font software. Pulled the art supplies out of storage. And here we are.

I’m always creating. Sometimes it’s tweaking a webpage or crafting an email. But other times it may be a photo shoot, or lettering a new font. And that hare? I think he’s set up camp. Often I see him sleeping by the shed or hiding out under the lilac tree. Life is funny.

But, this page isn’t really about me…

It’s about you. You’re wondering if I’m the kind of person you’d want to work with, or listen to. As you should. The internet is a big place and while there’s a lot of great people out there, there’s also a lot of people who don’t represent anything you can believe in, much less endorse.

So, here’s (a little bit of) how I think and how I work. How many of these do you agree with?

I believe…

Most of what people call “marketing” — isn’t. Pitching incessantly isn’t marketing. It’s painful to watch people hawking their stuff on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere they can. (Buy my stuff. Click here. Sale!) Firstly, because no one likes it. Secondly, because it doesn’t work all that well.

We aren’t users, buyers, clicks or traffic. We’re just people. We bleed the same blood and cry the same tears. We love to shop and hate being sold. Sometimes, we can’t sleep because of stress. Understanding this is the basis of marketing. And art, and sales, and life, really.

I’m a farm-grown kid and any farmer knows there’s no harvest if you don’t plant and tend first. I’m not sure why so many people don’t understand that business works the same way.

Thanks for reading…

If you sell stuff online, I hope you’ll check out my books. If you’re a maker of things, maybe take a peek at my fonts and graphics. Soon, I hope to add a link to some art, too.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email me.

After years of barely hanging in there, I finally found the answer. Her name is Linda Caroll! I finally have a website that makes money.

Floating on clouds right now. Thanks for all your hard work to get here and get our site rebuilt in time.

“Linda Caroll says it all: On the Internet, you seldom get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

excerpt; Oprah, featured book

My respect for you was high to begin with, but you’ve blown it off the Richter scale artistically & ethically.

HGTV just called to book the shoot. Both terrified and excited. Best year ever. Analyst says 75% of sales come from the site. Pat on the back to you.

At the CMAs. We did it! What a ride. Thanks so much for all your help getting here. Pics attached! xo Mario

… a contracting company in Highland Park, Ill. contacted Ms. Caroll;
“business has doubled!”

excerpt: The New York Times

The book cover is stunning, exactly how I envisioned it. You’re the best. Working on the sequel. Got any ideas for the cover?


I give away stuff because it's a great way to get feedback and it helps me make my stuff better.

For example, my book previews mean free help for you, feedback for me. Or maybe you download a free graphics bundle and discover you like my style, so you purchase a paid bundle. Double win again.

Sometimes I highlight cool stuff my readers are doing. With permission, of course. Most of my success stories and case stories come from my readers.

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